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Pietro Giovanni

“ Um So much more thorough than the large chains...I have a very difficult prescription, and my doctor recommended Fedora Optical. I didn't heed her advice the first time and went to a national chain. Ten minutes and out, and the glasses were impossible to wear. I returned the lenses (at least the money back guarantee was good for something) and went to Fedora. They spent about an HOUR with me reviewing my needs and picking out the lenses that would best suit me.”

Sarah CT

“ Great Customer Service! I'm finally able to wear contacts again thanks to Fedora Optical. After wearing progressive glasses for many years, I decided to try contact lens again. Peter let me try several different contacts to see which ones were the best for comfort and vision. This was not easy since I have dry eyes and I wanted to see distance, mid-range and near clearly. Finally he found just the right combination for me. I am thilled!”


“ Friendly Fast Service I've been getting glasses and contacts from Fedora Optical for nearly twenty years, and have never had a problem. Located right next to an ophthalmologist, their location is convenient and safe, and my contacts generally arrive two days after I've ordered them. Minimal or no wait time for service. They will answer any question and kids can play in the large, clean, bright waiting area..”

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Emily Solomon

“ I'm not in the habit of leaving many reviews but I have to review Fedora Optical. I was referred here by my ophthalmologist and I'm so happy I was! They have a great selection, Mr. Fedora was so helpful to me and the service was notably quick and excellent. I would recommend Fedora Optical to anyone in need of eyewear!”

Marissa Ferguson-Berg

“ Really awesome service, awesome place.. Cute dogs!!”


“ Got it right the first time! I have been going to Fedora Optical since the first time I got the All-Distance lenses, which Lens-Crafters could NOT get right after 4 tries and had discarded my old lenses, then would not honor their guarantee (what a fight!!). A friend recommended Fedora, and they got the prescription right the first time and did not cost more than anywhere else.”

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